Lisbon Gastronomy

Food, Walk and Culture


“Lisbon Gastronomy” is a unique way to discover Lisbon through the flavours and history of its restaurants, cafes, eateries, small taverns, and grocery stores… Did you know that you would find second oldest restaurant on the Iberian Peninsula in Lisbon? Do you know the traditional Lisbon dishes? Where to buy cod fish, ham and cheeses from the Serra da Estrela and other traditional products? At each site you will have the opportunity to taste their most famous delicacy and you won’t believe how far 40 Euros goes! At the end of the tour you will enjoy a wonderful lunch or dinner.

To taste:

Pastel Lisboa


… and many many more!

Places to visit:

  • Cervejaria Trindade
  • Manteigaria Silva

and many many more…

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