Old Lisbon

Alfama and the Castle

Join us on a trip to the Castelo São Jorge (St Georges Castle) overlooking the River Tejo and the oldest part of Lisbon. The tour follows the citie’s oldest walls. We will visit the borough of Alfama and the Castle. On this tour we go back in time to the Roman Olisipo and visit it’s theatre. The Romans discovered the thermal waters of Alfama, but it was the Muslims who gave them the name al-hamma (thermal fountain). This borough continues to be an authentic labyrinth of alleys, interior patios, stairways and tiny squares. Here you will encounter the three major religions: Judism, Muslim and Christian. Alfama was also the borough of the  fisherman. It’s spirit transcends itself where on every corner Fado is sung. This walking tour takes you to the heart of the city.

The tour will take you to the following areas:

  • Alfama
  • Castelo

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Meeting Point