About Us

In 2011,  “Lisboa Autêntica” started three guided walking tours: “The Aristocratic Lisbon”, “The Working Class Lisbon” and “The Old Lisbon”. In their common passion for the city, Paulo, Mafalda and other collaborators began an ever growing journey of sharing stories of the local sights, along with activities for anyone wanting to discover the authenticity of the city.

Our Values – Knowledge and Passion

“Lisboa Autêntica” is a team of knowledgeable and dynamic guides specialized in several technical areas, ready to introduce both visitors and locals to the authentic Lisbon.
Keeping this goal in mind, activities can be tailor-made to suit preferences. We are flexible, sincere and enthusiastic about our city, while being professional. We thrive that clients enjoy a good knowledgeable time and leave satisfied.
We also ensure our clients experience a memorable journey, a milestone in their travel. We promise and deliver “Real walks”!