About Us

In 2011, Lisboa Autêntica opened it’s doors! Founders Paulo, Mafalda, and a small team, with a common vision, began a journey through sharing their knowledge and passion about the capital, Lisbon. As our journey has developed, our team has expanded, as well as the activities we offer. We offer a bit of everything for everyone; E-Bike tours, Scavenger hunts, Van tours, Thematic and we can offer private and tailored tours to ensure we reach everyone’s needs and provide our customers with a memorable authentic experience. 
Lisboa Autêntica tells the history of the city, under the knowledgeable gaze and dynamic posture of its Guides, – Lisbon inhabitants specialized in various technical areas – in order to make known the real Lisbon, both to visitors and to locals.
We’re versatile, sincere, fun, city enthusiasts! We work hard to ensure you have an unforgettable experience. At the end our your tour we hope to leave you with great memories and richer in knowledge about the beautiful city of Lisbon’s history. 
 We promise and deliver  “Real walks”!