Lisbon Gastronomy

A real bite of Lisbon's culture

“Lisbon Gastronomy” is a unique way to discover Lisbon through the flavors and history of its restaurants, cafes, small taverns, and grocery stores.

Did you know that the second oldest restaurant on the Iberian Peninsula was in Lisbon? 

Do you know any traditional Lisbon dishes? Any local wines, beers or liquors? 

Do you know where to buy codfish, ham, and cheese from the Serra da Estrela and other traditional products? Have you ever tried the famous Portuguese “Green Wine”? 

Each place offers you a chance to taste its most famous delicacy served with a refreshing local beverage. You won’t believe how much 60€ can “fork out”! 

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Tuesday 11:00am
Wednesday 5:00pm
Thursday 11:00am
Friday 5:00pm

Meeting Point

Rua Garrett 120, 1200-205 Lisboa
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How to Get There

Metro stop: Baixa-Chiado (Blue and Green line)
Next to the coffee shop "A Brasileira"




Four different tastings in several places in the city center all coming with local drinks (non-alcoholic options available)


1-3 per person 79€
4-6 per person 65€
7-10 per person 50€

20€ for children under 12


Bookings are required
Please inform us if there are any dietary restrictions or food allergies
Vegetarian options available